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Having a baby is an experience to be savored, and one that comes with deep emotions. Capturing the feelings of wonder, excitement, and curiosity about your new little love and the excitement on camera can be challenging to say the least. Plus, you don’t always feel your best with the many physical changes that come with […]

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If you’re currently expecting a little bundle of joy, congratulations! The experience of raising children is beautiful, interesting, insightful, and challenging. Becoming a parent is a spiritual journey like no other. The gift of life is truly something to cherish forever and the experience of creating a life is even more special. This is why […]

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At James Hill Photography, we are a husband wife team, who gets to work on a lot of fun shoots. Recently, we got to work with a unique family for a very special photo shoot. Rather than just having a single mom come in for maternity photography, two moms came together, and they were twins. […]

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There are many special times in life when you want a photograph to remember the occasion. Birthdays, graduations, and weddings are times when you need a good photographer. Pregnancy is another special time in life. Often people want pictures of the baby as soon as the little one is born, but at James Hill Photography […]

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Some of the world’s most stunning and moving photographic images are of beautiful, glowing women portraying the miraculous experience of maternity. Now, your own unique images will become a part of this splendid legacy of modern mothers. Here are some suggestions to help you make the very most of your maternity photo shoot and to […]

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Your pregnancy pictures aren’t just something you’re going to share once on social media and then forget about. These pictures chronicle the beginning of your child’s journey into the world and your experience as their mother. To ensure they last the test of time, you may want to take the following steps to ensure you […]