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Coobella Inspired Diapers

Coobella Inspired Diapers

Coobella Inspired Diapers

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Coobella Inspired Diapers

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May 31, 2017

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift there’s a new company on the block that’s offering something that is unique and fun, but still practical. Coobella Inspired Diapers are a gift for new moms that gives them what they need most, diapers, but with a twist. Each diaper has a special message for mom that is both funny and inspiring.

Coobella Inspired Diapers

Natalie, Cooper, and Isabel

The creator of Coobella, Natalie Schneider, is a mom of two who wants to celebrate motherhood by inspiring sleep deprived moms with her product. And the name Coobella was inspired by her own children Cooper, the Coo, and Isabel, the Bella.

Special message for mom

Each box comes with 20 diapers with a different special message on each. And encouraging words are certainly not the only great thing about Coobella diapers. All of the diapers are all natural and biodegradable, and bamboo fibers make them extra soft. The diapers are also free of irritants such as fragrances and chlorine. So while mom gets a laugh and a dose encouragement, baby will be sure to be nice and comfy.

gorgeous gift box

Coobella diapers are packaged in a gorgeous gift box. There’s no need to worry about gift bags or wrapping paper, and your gift will certainly stand out from the rest.

baby shower

We had the pleasure of photographing images for Coobella’s website. The photos came out beautifully, and truly capture the spirit of joy and encouragement embodied by the new brand.

life is changing

With Coobella you can give a gift that mom will enjoy at every diaper change. You can find out more about Coobella Inspired Diapers on their website.




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