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Creating Beautiful Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

May 23, 2018

Having a baby is an experience to be savored, and one that comes with deep emotions. Capturing the feelings of wonder, excitement, and curiosity about your new little love and the excitement on camera can be challenging to say the least. Plus, you don’t always feel your best with the many physical changes that come with being pregnant. Pregnancy photography by James Hill Photography helps you capture the feelings and memories of this special time of life.

Pregnancy Photography Inside Your Comfort Zone

If you are concerned with feeling like you are showing too much “imperfect” skin, James Hill will help reveal the true beauty inherent in mothers-to-be of every size and shape. These stunning images will be a delight to show family members, your little one as they grow older, or even just for yourself. Many women will begin by feeling awkward, but will ultimately be empowered by the beauty of their bodies as captured on film. James always works inside your comfort zone, whether that is showing off your bare baby bump or dressing tastefully to hint at the new life that will soon arrive.

A Beautiful Connection

One of the benefits of pregnancy photography is capturing the moment in time where you are truly the closest you can be to another human being. The significance of that period of your life is profound, but ultimately quite fleeting. While you are going through the daily challenges and delights of pregnancy, you may not realize how quickly this period of your life will be over. Looking back on these special photos, you’ll be able to remember exactly how you felt. Pregnancy is a thing of beauty, but many women listen to a little voice of negativity inside that makes you feel less than the amazing miracle that you are!


Be Creative with Your Pictures

Not everyone has a desire to paint unicorns on their belly, but if that’s what makes you happy — so be it! If that’s not your cup of tea, there are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest or in magazines. You can draw inspiration from nature, your friends and family, or wherever you would like. Natural scenes containing water or trees never go out of style, and experienced pregnancy photographers truly understand how to catch angles that will make you feel beautiful. Let your creative juices flow, and work with your photographer to define a style that will be perfect for you.

Timing Your Pregnancy Photography

The ideal time to schedule your pregnancy photography is when you are between 28 – 34 weeks of pregnancy. This allows you to have a lovely round belly to show off, yet isn’t so close to your due date to cause undue stress on mother or baby. Capturing that beautiful glow often takes between one to two hours in the studio, but slightly longer if you wish to shoot some outdoor scenes.

Whether you are looking for romantic garden scenes or an intimate studio session, James Hill Photography has you covered! Contact James Hill Photography at 404-289-6383 today to book your appointment for a series of stunning pregnancy photos that you will cherish for decades.


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