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While the last few months of your pregnancy might seem like they will never end, it truly won’t be long until you’re holding your little one in your arms. Although every pregnancy experience is different, there are still some things nearly every soon-to-be mother appreciates having as she approaches her due date. Stylish Maternity Clothes […]

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Pregnancy photography is a unique and special way to remember the time in your life when you were growing a new life inside of you. The end of the second trimester to the beginning of the third trimester is the ideal time to book a session with James Hill Photography when your belly is nice […]

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Today, I want to write about our clients. I feel like I can never praise my sweet mom and dad’s enough! They are the reason we get to work together as husband and wife, creating art that we love every day. Some days aren’t as easy as others, especially when you run your own business. […]

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Parents-to-be Shara and Keynan Jackson recently completed an indoor maternity pictures session with James Hill Photography in Atlanta. Although the couple had planned for outdoors maternity photos, the weather did not want to cooperate that day. Rather than fight the rain or attempt to reschedule with their busy schedules, Shara and Keynan opted for indoor […]

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In early April, Anjane Bell and Vince Ferguson became first-time parents when son Jaxon Arnold Ferguson made his arrival. This couple, very much in love, look forward to seeing their bond grow even deeper as they experience each of Jaxon’s milestones together as a team. Now studying to be an accountant, Vince Ferguson’s life has […]

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Between helping with homework, driving kids to and from extra-curricular activities, and managing a job and a household, the school year is a busy time for families. Although you might have thought about scheduling family photos, time slipped away from you. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to bypass preserving your family’s special memories. […]