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Pregnancy photography is a unique and special way to remember the time in your life when you were growing a new life inside of you. The end of the second trimester to the beginning of the third trimester is the ideal time to book a session with James Hill Photography when your belly is nice […]

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Parents-to-be Shara and Keynan Jackson recently completed an indoor maternity pictures session with James Hill Photography in Atlanta. Although the couple had planned for outdoors maternity photos, the weather did not want to cooperate that day. Rather than fight the rain or attempt to reschedule with their busy schedules, Shara and Keynan opted for indoor […]

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In early April, Anjane Bell and Vince Ferguson became first-time parents when son Jaxon Arnold Ferguson made his arrival. This couple, very much in love, look forward to seeing their bond grow even deeper as they experience each of Jaxon’s milestones together as a team. Now studying to be an accountant, Vince Ferguson’s life has […]

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Keisha and Tarrance Miller, a tax lawyer and a criminal lawyer, met each other through a mutual friend. Their differing personalities made them feel immediately attracted to each other. While Keisha is the more outgoing one and Tarrance on the quiet side, they appreciate each other’s qualities and feel they balance each other out. When […]

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Whether you are pregnant with your first child, have recently given birth, or came to motherhood through adoption, Mother’s Day will be extra special for you this year. It is something to celebrate regardless of what your journey to motherhood has looked like. Capture this special time in your life with a maternity photography session. […]

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When it comes to maternity photography in Atlanta, the only real limit is your imagination. Just ask mom-to-be Sabrina Sandoval who recently completed a session with her partner. As a self-described girl next door, Sabrina could have never imagined herself the star of a maternity photo session. She says that she and her partner have […]