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What You Need to Bring to Your Infant Photography Session

Alpharetta Newborn Photographer, Newborn Photography - Atlanta, Roswell Newborn Photographer

September 24, 2018

Although we have many of the items that you’ll want or need for an infant photography session, there may still be a few things of your own that you’ll want to include. You don’t need to pack up the entire nursery, but bringing along some of the following items can help to enhance and personalize your portraits.


Personal Props

We have a lot of items that can make a cute picture, but the best things are often the ones you bring on your own. Did someone give you a personalized item at the baby shower? Do you have pictures hanging up in your baby’s room? Do you still have an old doll or teddy bear that you loved as a child? Bring these things to your session and we can incorporate them into the shots.



A warm and snuggly baby is a happy baby. Although we have plenty of cozy items in our studio, you may wish to bring some blankets that you’d like to feature in the pictures. Handmade ones are perfect for infant photography, but it could also be nice to use the classic blanket that came from the hospital. If you’ll be doing any naked shots, there’s a chance that one blanket could get soiled, so bring a backup.


A Pacifier

We know that many people aren’t fond of giving their baby a pacifier, but having one on hand at your infant photography session can be a lifesaver. Occasionally, sensitive babies start to stir as we’re trying to position them, but a pacifier can help soothe them without being in a parent’s arms. We promise that we’ll take the pacifier out of their mouth before we snap the picture.


Mom or a Bottle

Often, we want to put the baby to sleep, and there’s nothing like a full belly to put a little one to sleep. If you’re nursing, we’ll give you a comfortable place to do this, but bring a bottle or two if you’re feeding your baby formula.


A Change of Clothes

Do you have a cute outfit you’d like to put your little one in? Even those who prefer infant photography that features the baby unclothed may like to have a little hat for a darling look. Additionally, don’t forget that you might want to have some pictures of Mom and Dad as well. You can choose to arrive in your preferred outfit, or bring a change of clothes for the family pictures.


Patience and a Sense of Humor

Sometimes, an infant photography session goes smoothly. The baby sleeps the entire time — even through extensive positioning and rearranging. Other times, a baby won’t settle down unless he or she is being held. Sometimes, it’s just hard to capture the exact image you had in mind. You need to be patient with your little one. Try to laugh when things go “wrong” and be flexible with your ideas.  James will work with your baby to try different things to capture the right mood.


Ready to schedule your infant photography appointment? Call us today at 404-289-6383 or reach out to us online and tell us about your new arrival!


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