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Baby’s First Picture Day: Tips from an Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Alpharetta Newborn Photographer, Newborn Photography - Atlanta, Roswell Newborn Photographer

October 15, 2018

Newborns’ first days are so precious, yet they go so fast! As a parent, you want to capture all those sweet details while your baby is still new, and an Atlanta newborn photographer can help. We can take sweet photos of labor, delivery, nursing, or just that tiny little body with the scrunched up beautiful face. Ideally, you should start planning your photos even before the baby is born. Here are some ideas to help you get the very best photographs of your new baby.


Don’t Forget the Before Birth Belly

While pregnancy isn’t always fun or comfortable, your pregnancy belly will be gone in no time. To chronicle your journey, consider scheduling a photo session of you and your unborn little one. Wrap those arms around your baby bump, and after the baby is born, you’ll be able to show them that you’ve been hugging them since before they were even born. These may become some of your most treasured images some day.


Try Some Skin-to-Skin Photos

Once the baby is born, continue to capture your close bond with some skin-to-skin photos. Holding a naked baby directly skin-to-skin has shown to stabilize breathing and heartbeat, encourage deep sleep, and decrease crying times. This kind of cuddling is the best for newborns, and it offers both Mommy and Daddy special bonding times. On top of that, capturing these types of photographs can bring happiness and joy to both parents and child in later years.


Emphasize How Tiny Your Baby Is

Whether your baby comes in at five pounds or a bouncing nine pounds or more, this is the smallest they will ever be. When setting up photos with an Atlanta newborn photographer, use baby toys or negative space to emphasize how tiny your baby is. Negative space simply means including three to four inches of a mattress or background to one side of your sleeping little one. That gives some perspective to just how tiny your baby really is. Someday, you will cherish these photos and be so glad you captured those precious little hands, feet, knees, toes, and other little delights.


Focus on Lots of Little Details

atlanta newborn photographerSpeaking of tiny, your Atlanta newborn photographer will get some close-ups of those long lashes, that rose-bud mouth, and those tiny fingers. The beauty is in the details, and there are all kinds of options. A closeup of the baby’s wrist ID can make an ideal birth announcement, and a collage of such intimate details would be heavenly to hang in the nursery.


Include Some Special Goodies

You probably have special quilts, blankets, or toys purchased just for your baby, and you may even have items you have saved from your own childhood. Talk with your Atlanta newborn photographer about including some of these special items in your baby’s photographs. These photos can also be great to include with thank you notes for baby gifts.


If you are ready to capture your baby’s first days, contact us to set up a photo session today. Babies change a lot during the first year of life and you may want to meet with an Atlanta newborn photographer several times during the first year. At James Hill Photography, we specialize in maternity, newborn, senior, and family photos.


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