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Unique Maternity Photography with Fraternal Twins

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

April 23, 2018

At James Hill Photography, we are a husband wife team, who gets to work on a lot of fun shoots. Recently, we got to work with a unique family for a very special photo shoot. Rather than just having a single mom come in for maternity photography, two moms came together, and they were twins.

Meet Britney and Whitney

Twins, Brittany and Whitney were born just six minutes apart. That’s not terribly surprising as most twins are born within a short window of each other, but what is surprising is that their babies were also born at about the same time, less than a month apart.

Brittney, who claims with a laugh to be the older and more responsible of the pair, gave birth to Chase on February 8th. Then, her “little” sister and fraternal twin, Whitney gave birth to her baby girl Eryn on March 5th. In fact, the babies could have been even closer together than that — Originally, Whitney and Britney’s due dates were just two weeks apart, but in spite of their moms being twins, the babies had other ideas. Chase came a bit early after an induction and Eryn came a couple days late.

The Maternity Photography Shoot

Like a lot of moms-to-be who come in for maternity photography, Brittany and Whitney came in around the end of their second trimester and beginning of their third. This is one of our favorite times to do maternity photography because the baby bump is just so resplendent, and of course, with this shoot, we got to work with two baby bumps and their beautiful mamas.

For the maternity photography shoot, the twins wore complementary but not identical dresses. Both featured matching, semi-sheer lace and cuts that hugged the women’s figures, but while one dress was off the shoulder, the other one featured full long sleeves. That created a sense of visual consistency in the photos, while also emphasizing each woman’s individuality.

Fun Photography Options

Working with twins, of course, was such a privilege, but we also welcome other mums to come in for joint sessions. If you’re pregnant at the same time as your friend or best sister, why not celebrate this part of your journey together with a shared maternity photography session? As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and often, you start putting that village together before your child is born.

To learn more about our photography services, contact us at James Hill Photography. To get a sense of our work, please feel free to look through our online portfolio or follow us on Instagram for a constant feed of our favorite shots. If you’re planning a photo shoot, it can be great to get a little inspiration first.


Then, when you’re ready, call us to set up your maternity photography shoot. For many families, that’s the start of a long relationship with us. We also do baby photography, family photos, and senior pictures. In fact, we hope we get called for Eryn and Chase’s senior photos in 18 years. We love seeing families grow and change, especially this one.


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