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5 Cute Ideas for Including Baby’s Gender in Your Maternity Pictures

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

November 1, 2018

Your maternity pictures are a great way to document your journey into motherhood and your baby’s growth leading up to birth. However, these photos can also provide a fun way to share the gender of your child. Want to post a picture on social media letting everyone know that you’re having a girl or boy? Looking for great ideas that you can memorialize forever with quality photography? Thinking about displaying fun pictures at a gender reveal party? Consider including your baby’s gender through photography with these ideas.


Include Baby Shoes

Integrating props into your maternity pictures is a great way to make a statement and have a bit of fun. Baby shoes are so sweet and charming, but they can also help to share the gender of your baby. Imagine holding a little pair of pink or blue booties in front of your baby bump. Or think about displaying your shoes, your partner’s shoes, and a little pair of pink or blue baby shoes in the foreground of the picture while your figure is in the background. There are all kinds of fun ways to play with this idea.


Wear a Pink or Blue Outfit

You can also simply share the gender with your outfit choice. Consider wearing an outfit that is the traditional girl and boy colors of pink or blue, or order a t-shirt that has the gender printed on it. For instance, you may want a t-shirt that proudly says “It’s a Girl” or “Baby Girl Jessica” across your baby bump. Of course, you can also opt for silk scarves in strategic colors, your partner can pose with you in your maternity pictures and wear gendered colors, or you can take another approach.


Use Baby Blankets

Many family members choose to give baby blankets as a baby shower gift. Perhaps Grandma has even knitted a special one just for the new arrival. If this blanket also includes your baby’s gender colors, you can bring it along to your maternity photography session. You could hold a baby blanket in your maternity pictures, or if you want to integrate more props, you could stand next to a crib or bassinet that is completely decked out in the colors traditionally associated with your baby’s gender.


Hold a Sign

You can also share the gender with a sign. Talk with your photographer of your maternity pictures about printing a cute sign, writing on a chalkboard, or creating a banner. You can use any colors you want on the sign from orange and black to a tied-dyed array, or you can stick with the traditional pink and blue. You and your partner can give each other sweet kisses while holding the sign, sharing the excitement of your new little one on the way.


Make Some Smoke

To create a bit of mystery and mystique in your maternity pictures, you may want to announce your baby’s gender with smoke. A well placed, strategically colored smoke bomb can fill the background of your photos with blue or pink smoke.


You are in a very special time in your life, and maternity pictures can help you capture these memories forever. If you want to announce the gender through photography, contact us today to talk about more ideas. At James Hill Photography, we can help you create beautiful, lasting photos of your pregnancy.


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