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Hilton Head Island Family Session: Angelo and Annie

Family Portraits - Atlanta Photographer

October 30, 2018

Hilton Head Island Family Session

We shot a beautiful Hilton Head Island Family Session with Angelo, Annie, and their two children! We love to plan photo sessions when we go on vacation. It makes it even better when we get to spend the day with such great friends like this family. As most people know, James is obsessed with Crossfit! Annie was James old coach at Crossfit Decatur! She left to start her own restaurant with her family. Herban Fix is a wonderful vegan restaurant in Atlanta! They do a great job running it together.

Family Vacation Bike Ride

After taking some gorgeous family photos, we decided to go on a bike ride! James led us on what was supposed to be a fun and short ride. It ended up being three hours long.. needless to say, we were all tired! One of our sons was so far ahead of us that he found himself lost. He rode to one of our family friends beach house, but we did not know that until much later! Angelo rode off on his bike to look for him, I was calling the police, and we were all so worried. We finally found him and realized he was completely safe. Such a funny story to look back on, but at the time he had every one worried. I am so grateful for friends like these to have funny memories to look back on together! Scroll down to check out some of the fabulous photos we took. The last one is my favorite!!


Hilton Head Island Photography

Great family photo!

Hilton Head Family Photo Session

Dad playing in the water with his kids!

Hilton Head Island Family Photography

Mom and daughter walking down the beach!

Hilton Head Family Photography Session

Dad and son standing on rocks at the beach!

Atlanta Photographer

Brother and sister holding hands – how sweet!

Beach Family Session

So handsome!

Beach Family Portraits

She has such a sweet smile!

Family Photography

Crazy family portraits are our personal favorites!!

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