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Our 5 Favorite Props for Baby Photography Sessions

Newborn Photography - Atlanta

December 18, 2017

When doing baby photography, we like to create photos that are unique and beautiful, and we use a range of different props to set the scene. Here’s a look at five of our favorite props for newborn photo shoots and some ideas on how to integrate these props.

Antique Baby Carriage

baby photographyAn antique baby carriage is beautiful prop that many of our clients love to use. We have a wicker carriage with iconic wooden wheels and a classic bassinet. So the baby is visible, we place soft padding in the carriage to elevate them. The natural colors of this carriage work well with a variety of outfits and backgrounds. For example, opt for a natural wood backdrop that complements the color of the wicker, or play with different contrasting colors and designs.

Woven Basket

A woven basket is one of the most popular props we use in our baby photography. In particular, we have a large circular basket that works beautifully for newborn photos. Many clients opt to fill the basket with natural colored fibers, swaddle the baby in a neutral-colored fabric, and shoot the photo from above. This styling provides a modern shabby chic or farmhouse aesthetic to the portrait session. Alternatively, we can also shoot babies in a range of other settings. For example, a baby wearing bunny ears and sitting in a basket full of brightly colored eggs is fun for an Easter or spring theme.

Rustic Wooden Box

A rustic wood box with your baby’s name and your baby sleeping on top with a blanket draped over him or her offers a peaceful looking portrait. Alternatively, imagine your baby nestled on top of a furry blanket while dressed in a cute outfit. We can even riff on the popular idea of toddlers liking boxes more than gifts and do photo shoots of babies in cardboard boxes. There are countless options, which is why this particular prop is so popular for our baby photography clients.


You’re never too young to love sports, and footballs are another popular prop for baby photography. We can integrate this prop in a range of different ways, and we can even take photos where your baby is laying on a football being held by you. Of course, we can also do newborn photo shoots with other balls or types of sport equipment from soft ballerina tutus to boxing gloves and everything in between.

Knit Sling

With our sling, we can show off what an adorable little peanut your baby is. Slings safely suspend babies from branches in photos that are reminiscent of the line “rock-a-bye baby in the treetop”. We are also able to do portraits where the baby is being carried in a sling by the parents, or play with a range of other set ups as well.

We love doing baby photography. It’s a fabulous way to capture an image of your baby and freeze time for just a little bit. To talk more about props or to set up a photo session for your baby, contact James Hill Photography today. We are a team of professional photographers in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide maternity, newborn, family, and senior class photos.


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