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How to Find the Right Photographer for Your Maternity Photos

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

December 4, 2017

Being pregnant can be a beautiful time. You get to feel your new child growing and moving around inside of you and watch your changing body as you prepare for the journey of motherhood. Maternity photos help you capture this experience and create memories that can last for generations, but you need the right photographer. Keep these tips in mind.

Browse Portfolios

The most effective way to get a sense of a photographer’s skills is by looking through their portfolio. In the past, you had to visit a photographer’s studio to see their work, but now, you can easily screen multiple photographers by checking out their websites. You may also want to look at their social media accounts. Many professional photographers share their work on sites such as Facebook or Instagram. If you like their work, consider contacting them for more information.

Make Sure You Click

When hiring someone to take maternity photos in Atlanta, pay attention to intangible elements such as how you click. You are going to be spending a few hours with the photographer for your photo shoot, and you want a professional who makes you feel comfortable. The more at ease you feel, the more natural your smile will look and the better your photos will turn out.

Talk About Ideas for Maternity Photos

Your maternity photos should reflect who you are. You don’t necessarily want the exact same poses that everyone else gets. When you hire a professional photographer, you shouldn’t just walk into the studio and snap a few pictures like you would at a department store. Instead, you and the photographer work together to create unique, compelling photos. To get started on that process, talk with the photographer about your ideas and ask if they have any ideas or suggestions. That helps to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Look for Location Flexibility

In some cases, you may be fine doing all your maternity photos in the photographer’s studio, and if you plan to do that, consider asking about their backgrounds and props. Alternatively, you may want to do the photo shoot at your house or outside at another location. Ask the photographer where they are willing to work and make sure that they offer the flexibility you need.

Consider a Photographer Who Can Grow With You

Your maternity photos are just the beginning. After the baby is born, you will likely want to do a newborn shoot, and through the years, you may want to capture your growing family through professional photography as well. Eventually, while it’s hard to imagine now, you may need senior photos for your child. Consider looking for a maternity photographer who offers all of these services. If they can grow with you and provide services for years down the line, you don’t have to worry about finding a new photographer every time you want new photos.

To set up your maternity photos or to learn more, contact James Hill Photography today. We are a team of professional photographers located in the Atlanta, GA area. Take a look through our online portfolio to get a sense of our style. We look forward to working with you.


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