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The Best Maternity Photography Atlanta Has to Offer

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

January 11, 2019

When they want maternity photography, Atlanta residents have a lot of different options. To have the best experience and the most compelling photographs, you need the right photographers, and we at James Hill Photography are the best in the Atlanta area. Here are just some of the reasons you should choose us to do your maternity photography.


Experienced Husband-and-Wife Team

atlanta maternity photographerA lot of photographers work on their own, or they do maternity photos even though they have never had children. At James Hill Photography, the experience is different because you get to work with a husband-wife team. As parents, we know how important it is to capture beautiful memories of your children, and maternity photos are usually the first step in that process. Additionally, when they choose us for their maternity photography, Atlanta moms-to-be get the benefits of multiple perspectives and ideas.


Attention to Detail

Because these photos are so important, you need a photography team who can pay attention to detail. You deserve to look and feel as beautiful as the new life you are carrying, and to make that possible, you deserve a photography team that can help you choose the right outfit, find the best location, add props as needed, and include other fun details.


Fine Art Nudes

Pregnancy is the only time your body will look like it does, and to capture those memories through maternity photography, Atlanta residents sometimes opt for nude photos. James works hard to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible with the setting for your nude photos, but at the same time, he also ensures that your photos look like beautiful works of art that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.


Outdoor and Studio Options

When you do maternity photography, Atlanta photographers usually take your photos in their studios or out in the world. Some photographers only offer one option, but at James Hill Photography, we understand how important it is for our clients to have the perfect background for their photos. To that end, you can come to our studio or we can stage a session in an area of your choosing.



We can provide services for your whole family for years. We love to do maternity photography, but we also offer newborn photography, family photos, and even senior photos for that day when your little bundle of joy grows up and prepares to leave the nest. These services allow you to get comfortable with your maternity photographer and then sustain that relationship for years to come. Additionally, you can opt to have your photos in similar styles throughout the years, or you can embrace different styles as your tastes change with the times.


When looking for maternity photography, Atlanta residents love working with us at James Hill Photography. We have the experience, dedication, and artful touch you need to fully capture your beautiful spirit. To learn more, look through our portfolios or contact us to set up a session.


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