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Book an Atlanta Family Photographer for Your Annual Portraits!

Children's Photography - Atlanta, GA, Family Portraits - Atlanta Photographer

December 3, 2018

There is no rule that says you can only book an Atlanta family photographer during the holiday season. While having an annual professional photo taken is a great idea, other times of the year may work better for your family.

For example, having your family photo taken in January allows you to beat the holiday rush and have a new picture at the start of each new year. Outdoor pictures in the spring and summer can be fun and unique for families as well. Besides enjoying warmer weather, one of the benefits of this suggestion is that your kids will be out of school for spring break or summer vacation.

Choosing the Best Atlanta Family Photographer


Taking photos of families requires that both the photographer and each family member feel comfortable with one another. This rapport is just as important as any technical skills that photographer possesses, if not more so. James Hill is an experienced Atlanta family photographer who knows how to make people smile, especially children.

As a father of three himself, James instinctively understands how to gain the trust and cooperation of children so he can capture those precious family memories. His interest in photographing families and children grew especially strong after we welcomed our first child 14 years ago. He has 20 years of portrait photography experience and uses the most technologically advanced equipment available to ensure that your family will feel delighted with their portrait.

Prepare for a Session with an Atlanta Family Photographer

Decatur Outdoor Portrait GardenIf you have young children, be sure to schedule your portrait session when they are most likely to be well-rested and not hungry. We also recommend that you take time to choose everyone’s outfit carefully to make sure that they complement one another. Neutral colors and coordinating colors often make for the best photographs. Although matching outfits can be adorable, they do not always photograph well. If you are struggling with selecting the best outfits for everyone in the picture, your Atlanta family photographer would be happy to make additional suggestions before your family portrait session.

Running late for your photography session can set everyone’s nerves on edge. We advise you to leave plenty of time to get to our studio and to even arrive early if possible. If you feel stressed because you fear arriving late, your children will pick up on this and it could affect the quality of your photos.

Family photos create precious memories that your children will love to look at when they grow up and create new families of their own. You will look back fondly on these years and wonder how they could have possibly passed so quickly. By keeping these things in mind, it will help you to relax and have fun with the session. A relaxed and happy family creates much better group photos than a family where one or more people are stressed, hungry, tired, and feel pressured to create the perfect memory.

Schedule Your Family Portraits Today

We at James Hill Photography look forward to working with your family. Please contact us to reserve your time with an Atlanta family photographer today.


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