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Ideas for Displaying Your Maternity Pictures

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

February 23, 2018

Maternity pictures are a fabulous way to capture your beautiful pregnant body and the start of your child’s journey into the world. However, if you’re thinking of booking a photo session, you may be wondering where you should keep or display your maternity photos. Here are some ideas.

Framed Prints of Your Maternity Pictures

You may want to show off your maternity photos by displaying framed prints in your home. Consider hanging artistic prints over the fireplace or in another central area. Some people even put their maternity photos in the baby’s nursery.

If you have a photo wall or a shelf, you may want to display your framed photos there with the rest of your family photos. However, if you take any photos that you aren’t comfortable sharing with everyone who visits your home, you may want to put them in a more discreet location such as on the dresser in your bedroom.

DIY Craft Projects

Rather than just framing and displaying your photographs, you may want to get in touch with your crafty side. Displaying black and white pictures in glass vases looks elegant, and you don’t need a lot of crafty skills to complete this setup. Alternatively, you may want to decoupage photos onto an old door, display them in a reclaimed antique window, or hang wires across your wall and clip the photos to the wires. That’s just a small fraction of the potential ways to display your maternity pictures in an interesting way.

Maternity Pictures in a Baby Book

A baby book is a great way to create a tangible collection of memories for your child. You can create the book all on your own. Alternatively, you can collect digital photos and use an online app to create a baby book that is printed and then mailed to you. In either case, you may want to start with photos taken before your baby was born, and maternity pictures are ideal for the beginning of the story.

A Special Photo Album

Whether you decide to include some of the maternity pictures in a baby book or not, you may want to put together a special photo album just for your maternity pictures. If you do a lot of different poses, you may not be able to display them all, but with an album devoted just to these pictures, you can pull it out anytime you are feeling nostalgic.

Social Media Posts

Don’t forget to share your photos on social media if you like. Besides racking up some likes, maternity pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever site you use can be a great way to announce your pregnancy or to share details of your journey with friends and loved ones in far away locations. Before sharing your photos online, make sure the photographer allows that, and consider tagging them in the post so your friends know where they can also get great photos.

To set up maternity pictures, contact James Hill Photography today. We focus on maternity pictures as well as families, newborns, and seniors.


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