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Preparing for Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

March 27, 2018

Some of the world’s most stunning and moving photographic images are of beautiful, glowing women portraying the miraculous experience of maternity. Now, your own unique images will become a part of this splendid legacy of modern mothers. Here are some suggestions to help you make the very most of your maternity photo shoot and to help you and your photographer create superb photos.

The Best Weeks for Maternity Photos

The ideal stage for the maternity photo session is usually between 28-34 weeks, but the time frame varies between women. The best time for photographs is during the phase when the belly reaches the fully rounded shape that looks so charming and regal in photo images of pregnant women. Schedule well in advance, to ensure that we can reserve time for your maternity photo session during your optimally photogenic weeks.

The Best Places and Times of Day for Maternity Photos

Best Locations — There are no limits on the number of appealing locations for maternity photo sessions. The studio allows vast creative possibilities that are exclusive to that environment. And, natural outdoor scenes provide countless lovely backdrops for radiant maternal images.

Best Time of Day — For studio photos, plan for an afternoon session, between 12pm – 5pm, when natural light is optimal until later in the day. For outdoor sessions, plan for the 2 hours or so just before sunset.

Skin and Hair Care Before Photo Sessions

Exfoliating — During the several days before your photo session, consider using a gentle, cream-based exfoliate that will deep clean without drying out your skin. (There are many good, affordable skin products available for exfoliating, and for hydrating.)

Moisturizing — A priority on the day before your photo shoot is to clean all dirt and makeup from your face, and apply a good-quality overnight moisturizing cream, to help keep your skin well hydrated and moist.

Hair Preparation — Depending upon your hair type and treatments, it may be advisable not to wash your hair during the day before your photo session. Consult with your photographer’s associate hair stylist for professional recommendations on caring for your hair in preparation for your photo shoot.

How Long the Photo Session Takes

Photo Session lengths vary widely, from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending upon the number of locations and looks you decide you want to include in your maternity photo collection. Changing locations may be a bit time-consuming, but can be well-worth it to achieve very different kinds of maternity photos. Changing looks extensively may involve hair styling and makeup modifications that take time, but look changes can transform and enrich the photo collection produced in your maternity photo session.

Talking to Your Photographer About Looks and Poses

You and your photographer will work together to make many photos, featuring you in numerous poses and from various angles of each pose. And, you will work together to select the looks with which you are most confident and satisfied. Ultimately, you will have an abundance of looks and poses from which to assemble an amazing collection.

Who to Bring With You to Your Photo Session

You may prefer to bring a close friend or family member with you to your photo session, to share the experience with you. Your friend can assist you with making wardrobe selections, and just add to the fun atmosphere of your photo session.

Energetic young children may find it too difficult to wait patiently during an entire photo session. For the most productive photo session, naturally you and your photographer will need to stay fully focused. So, it can be best to avoid bringing small children to your photo session, unless they are going to be included in the photos.

If you plan to bring a child with you, either to be photographed with you or just to wait through the session, ask an adult family member or friend come with you, to care for your child while you are working with the photographer.

For the Most Successful Photo Session

To achieve the best outcomes in photographic works, you and your photographer must be able to focus on communicating and working together. So, it is recommended that you, and anyone accompanying you to your photo session, take these simple steps to the greatest success of your maternity photo shoot:

  1. Turn off cell phones and laptops.
  2. Set aside all home and work responsibilities, planning, and issues.
  3. Just let yourself thoroughly enjoy the very special opportunity you have chosen to create some unique, beautiful photographic treasures.

Relaxing Before the Session

To avoid feeling rushed or flustered

while you are in front of the camera, it is best to use a few simple methods to help you relax for a few minutes before your photo session. Try one or two, or all of the proven relaxation methods below, until you feel relaxed and ready to have fun making photographic art.

  • Turn off your cell phone and do a minute of deep breathing exercise.
  • Stretch your face, neck, arms, spine, legs, hands, and feet for a minute or two.
  • Have a friend massage your shoulders for a couple of minutes.
  • Or, close your eyes and lay your head back for a few minutes, and think about something you enjoy.

James Hill Photography

We are a husband and wife team of photographers in Atlanta, GA. We create maternity photos of world-class quality. Our technical experience, creative range, passion for excellence, and collaboration with our exceptional makeup and hair design associates have made James Hill Atlanta’s premier photography studio for maternity, newborn, family, and senior class photography.

For More Information

For more information about having your own beautiful collection of maternity photos to celebrate the prenatal part of your motherhood journey, contact James and Michelle Hill, at James Hill Photography, Atlanta, Ga, to schedule your professional maternity photo shoot.


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