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Looking Great in Pregnancy Pictures

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

March 27, 2018

Your pregnancy pictures aren’t just something you’re going to share once on social media and then forget about. These pictures chronicle the beginning of your child’s journey into the world and your experience as their mother. To ensure they last the test of time, you may want to take the following steps to ensure you look fabulous for your photos.

 1. Clothes That Show Off Your Belly

Make sure to pick the clothing for your pregnancy pictures carefully. Ideally, you want something clingy or fitted that shows off your belly, and if you wear a loose dress or even if you opt to simply drape fabric over yourself, you need to be able to draw it in a way that highlights your baby bump.
Beyond that, remember that these photos are going to be around for a long time. So they don’t look too dated, you may want to stay away from busy prints or overly trendy styles. Instead, go for classic colors or neutral palettes with relatively timeless styles.

If you’re not sure what to wear, we also have a closet full of beautiful dresses in our studio that you can choose from.

                                     2. Simple Backgrounds

When choosing the background for your pregnancy pictures, opt for simplicity. For instance, a solid black background, a collection of plants, or a series of wood planks all make ideal backgrounds. These backgrounds naturally draw attention to you. In contrast, if the background is messy or cluttered, it can drown you out and steal the focus of the shot.

3. The Right Timing

As you are capturing your changing body in your pregnancy pictures, you need to make sure that you choose the timing of your photographs correctly. Ideally, you want your bump to show but not be overbearing. In other words, your belly should be round but not too heavy.

Although the timing fluctuates from woman to woman, the sweet spot is usually around 28-34 weeks. When scheduling your maternity photography session, ask the photographer what they recommend. Remember, they work with dozens of moms to be. Then, schedule accordingly.

4. Great Hair and Makeup

To really enhance the look of your pregnancy pictures, you may want to have your hair or makeup done professionally. If you want a formal updo or a professional blowout for your hair, you may want to go to a salon the morning before the shoot.

Whether you have your hair done professionally or not, remember that bare faces can sometimes look washed out in photos. So that your face shows up perfectly, you may want to have your makeup done professionally. We work with a professional makeup artist that can come to your session, or you can visit their studio.

5. Quality Photographer

After you spend a lot of time creating the right look, you need a photographer who can capture your beauty. While choosing a photographer to do your pregnancy pictures, you should look through their gallery. If possible, try to meet with them or talk with prospective photographers over the phone. That can give a sense or whether or not they’re likely to make you feel comfortable during the photo shoot.

At James Hill Photography, we love capturing the beautiful moments of your growing family. If you are thinking of booking pregnancy pictures, contact us today. We look forward to meeting you!


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