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September 8th Is National Grandparents’ Day: Celebrate with 5 Gifts They’ll Love

Newborn Photography - Atlanta

September 4, 2019

National Grandparents Day with NewbornAs summer winds to a close, temperatures start to drop, and the kids go back to school, families are busier than ever. However, alongside all this activity, National Grandparent’s Day is taking place September 8th. Even though your family is busy, this is an important time to stop and honor the people who made everything possible — grandparents. 

Looking for the perfect gift for your grandparents or your children’s grandparents? Then, check out the following ideas. 

#1 Newborn photography

Show grandparents their legacy by gifting them a series of beautiful photographs of your newborn. Framed photos or books of photos give grandparents the ability to enjoy your little one even if you live far away, and of course, grandparents also love showing off their grandbabies to their friends. To have these photos ready by National Grandparent’s Day, schedule a session for newborn photography in Atlanta as soon as possible. Even if your children are older, photos are still a great gift for grandparents.

#2 Family Tree Necklace

In addition to setting up a newborn photography session in Atlanta, you may also want to look into jewelry that celebrates being a grandparent. Rings that incorporate multiple birthstones have long been a traditional and beloved option for years. To strike a more contemporary tone, consider a family tree necklace. Ideal for grandparents, these beautiful necklaces feature the image of a tree with the grandchildren’s birthstones set around it. 

#3 Ancestry DNA Tests

If you think the grandparent in your family would really like to delve into their family tree, you may want to consider Ancestry DNA tests. These tests are simple to complete, and once they receive the results, grandma or grandpa can see the countries from which their DNA comes, and in many cases, these tests can connect people on genealogical sites so your grandparents may even find another corner of the family to get to know. 

#4 Scrapbooks

Memories are absolutely priceless, and a scrapbook can be an ideal gift for grandparents. Bring together a mixture of images from fun events and times you’ve spent together and consider sprinkling in some professional photos such as senior photos or newborn photography in Atlanta. Then, add decorative embellishments, labels, handwritten memories, and words from your children to complete the scrapbook. Then, the grandparents can look through this book at their leisure or even keep it on a coffee table to show off to guests. 

#5 A Family Calendar

Even in the world of digital technology, it’s still nice to look at the wall and see a calendar. During the fall around National Grandparents Day is a time when many people start planning for the year ahead, and in that vein, you may want to give the grandparents in your life a family calendar for 2020. Rather than choosing a stock calendar, make your own filled with fun family photos such as photos from a session devoted to newborn photography in Atlanta. 

At James Hill Photography, we can help celebrate National Grandparents day by capturing lifelong memories of your newborn. We also offer maternity, family, and senior class photo sessions. Give us a call today to talk about your photography needs, (404) 289-6383.


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