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Summer Portraits of our Kids – Atlanta, Ga Portrait Garden

Family Portraits - Atlanta Photographer

October 21, 2019

If you are on Instagram, you’ve seen these sprinkled throughout the last few months. If you are facebook users only, I wanted to share with you too. The Little “Hill’s” that bring us light to our world. Love these three and love watching them grow.  Documenting their growth is so important to me.

We did not get to do our traditional before school portrait this year. All three kids go to different schools at different times. So this year, after a Maternity Session, I sprung a surprise session on James. He was not too thrilled I tricked him a little. However, he handled it with a smile on his face. Me, on the other hand was racing with the light and 3 little kiddos were not behaving very well. I’ve always heard, “the hardest thing is photographing your own kids..” I agree!

Portraits still turned out great and I’m grateful for the memories of these sweet faces and for capturing Blu so little. He’s already gotten so big. 80 lbs….here we come! Check out his Instagram page to see how big he is now. @Blu.theweim


Blu with his best friends.

I had to take a portrait with Blu while he was still little. He may be 15 lbs. here, but will quickly be 80 lbs.


Tristen Hill

Tristen is our 10th grader.  He is a new student at Woodward Academy this year.  School is definitely more challenging, but the teachers have been amazing!  Looking forward to wrestling season and Ultimate Frisbee. I’m so proud of this young man.  Can’t wait to see what and who he becomes in the future!


Asher Hill

Asher is an 8th Grade at The Hess Academy in Decatur, Ga. Asher is an amazing young man. He loves people and he thrives on making them happy! He also has dyslexia, with a late diagnosis. He has worked hard to overcome his dyslexia. I don’t know where he will be in High School, but we will work to find what works best for him.


Madison Hill

Madison is a 2nd grader at The Museum School in Avondale Estates. Such a sweet girl and a joy to be around. She’s always smiling and ready to share any adventure. She’s helpful, exciting and love’s life. Madison is dyslexic and works really hard all the time. She has the grit to overcome her learning issues and I’m sure her future holds so much!


Blu, the Weim

Blu, my new sweet boy! I’ve wanted a Weimaraner since I worked at PetsMart as a teen. He is everything I dreamed of. This relationship says it all! This family is so in love with this sweet boy!

Love these quick little updates of the kids.  Can’t wait to hang them on the walls!

If you are interested in updated portraits of your kids, the fall is a wonderful time to have family portraits.  Contact me michelle@jameshillphoto.com


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