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Our 5 Favorite Newborn Baby Photography Trends

Alpharetta Newborn Photographer, Newborn Photography - Atlanta, Roswell Newborn Photographer

August 21, 2018

To capture to beauty and excitement of having a newborn baby, you may want to schedule a newborn baby photography session for your child. For years, the trendiest baby photographs took inspiration from Anne Geddes, and babies were photographed in a range of costumes and settings, and the most popular photographs tended to feature a lot of flowers, pumpkins, or other botanical themes.

Although you can still play with these ideas, contemporary newborn photography has gone toward a more natural feel. Here’s a look at some of the top trends.


In Utero Poses

newborn baby photographyTo establish a sense of continuity between the baby’s experience in the womb to the baby’s current reality, a lot of parents are choosing to position their babies in the same way they probably were before the birth. Tender little babies are tucked into the fetal position, and they may be set in an oval-shaped cradle reminiscent of the shape of the mother’s womb.

Another way to emulate this idea is to hold the baby against Mommy’s tummy, similar to how he or she was positioned before birth. This is especially striking when displayed next to a similar portrait taken during the pregnancy.


Naked Babies

Every bit of a newborn baby seems absolutely perfect. To show off the beauty of their whole baby, many parents opt for newborn baby photography where the baby is naked. Often, these photographs include accessories such as blankets, swaddling wraps, and towels that are also in neutral colors. In other cases, they pop a colorful knitted hat or a floral headband on the baby which can be a great way to indicate gender.


Dream Scenes

While some parents opt for neutral backgrounds, others go for colorful dreamy backgrounds. A fun idea with newborn baby photography is to snap photos of sleeping babies, while creating backdrops that imagine what they may be dreaming about. You could photograph your baby on a blue mat with fluffy white clouds, an orange moon, and yellow stars and make it look like your baby is climbing to the moon on a ladder. You could have a sleeping baby “tap dance” across a piano, sail the blue seas, join the circus, or have other fun adventures in their photos.


Cloudy Backdrops

newborn baby photographyIn newborn baby photography, the baby is the centerpiece of the picture, and to highlight these young models, the photographer may place them on a fluffy rug or blanket that almost creates the appearance of the baby resting in clouds. These photographs emphasize the fact that having a baby is a dream come true in many cases.


Baby’s Age

Especially popular on social media are photographs that highlight the baby’s age, typically taken every month for the first year of life. In these photographs, the baby is often placed next to a small chalkboard, on a blanket, or something else with their age written on it. If you want a series of photographs documenting your child’s growth and development, this can be a fun idea to play with. You may also want to include the same stuffed toy in each photograph to highlight how the baby is growing.


Keep in mind that newborn baby photography offers a lot of potential, and you should choose photographs that mirror your family’s unique style. To learn more or to setup an appointment, contact us today. At James Hill Photography, we specialize in pregnancy, newborn, and family photography.


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