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6 Best Ways to Include Your Significant Other in Your Pregnancy Photos

Maternity Photographer - Atlanta ga

July 27, 2018

Pregnancy photos are a beautiful way to celebrate your changing body and your journey into motherhood. In one way, these photos are also the very first photos you’ll ever have of your little one. To make these photos extra special, many people like to include their significant other. Take a look at these possibilities.


Arms Around the Baby

Perhaps one of the most classic poses for pregnancy photos with couples consists of your significant other putting their arms around you. You can take these photos standing with your partner behind you. You can sit on the ground, leaning back into your partner, or you can strike another pose. For maximum effect, place your partner’s hands or arms on or under the belly to draw attention to that area.


Honor the Baby

Many couples choose photos where the significant other is honoring the baby in some way. Your partner may stand across from you with their hands on your belly, looking adoringly at you or the baby bump. Alternatively, they may drop to their knees and kiss the baby bump while you stand.


Integrate Announcements

If you haven’t announced your pregnancy yet, you may wish to use some of your pregnancy photos for that purpose. Even if you’ve told close family members or co-workers, these photos can be a great way to make it “Facebook official” or to highlight your journey on Instagram, if you wish. Consider having your significant other hold a sign announcing the baby’s due date or something else that tells the world you’re expecting. If your baby bump isn’t showing yet, consider taking pregnancy photos with you embracing each other and holding a strip of photos from the ultrasound or even a positive pregnancy test.


Use Props

With any of the poses mentioned above, you can also choose to integrate props. For instance, your partner may hold a set of knitted baby booties near the baby bump. Your partner may be pictured reading a book to your belly, or you may want to integrate other props as desired. We have lots of options for our clients to use.


Complementary Outfits

Choosing a pose is just the first step. You may also want to wear complementary outfits. Strike a similar note by both wearing denim, or the same color shirt. Alternatively, choose outfits that fade into the background with shades of white, black, or gray. Then, highlight the baby bump by wrapping fabric in a contrasting color around it or by going all natural. Many couples also like to just go skin to skin.


Bring the Whole Family

Remember, you don’t just have to include your significant other. You may want to include older siblings looking sweetly at the baby bump or friends or sisters who are also pregnant at the same time. You may also want to take advantage of this special time to do photos of your whole family.


To set up your pregnancy photos, contact us today. At James hill Photography, we are a husband wife team who are committed to excellence in photography. To see our work, take a look through the gallery and follow us on Instagram.


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