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Whimsical Newborn Studio Session

Alpharetta Newborn Photographer, Children's Photography - Atlanta, GA, Newborn Photography - Atlanta, Roswell Newborn Photographer

January 8, 2019

Whimsical Newborn Studio Session

We had the pleasure of photographing sweet Grace in a whimsical newborn studio session! She was such a sweet child to work with. Her dad happened to be a huge Alabama fan, so I can’t wait for you to see how we incorporated that in to the session. We love when parents bring pieces that are special to them to a session. Even if you have something special, but don’t know how to incorporate into your session, let us know! We love bringing your ideas to life through the lens of our camera. Scroll down to see this whimsical newborn studio session!


Whimsical Newborn Studio Session

Such a beautiful and sassy image! Her eyes are so beautiful.

Whimsical Atlanta Newborn Session

We catch the most funny and adorable images of newborns! The tongue sticking out is my personal favorite.

Atlanta Newborn Photography

Those tiny little hands poking out are so sweet!

Decatur Newborn Photography

Love those detail shots!

Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographers

Those pink lips are so sweet! Your newborn staying asleep is sometimes very important in our sessions. We love to swaddle them up, so they are warm and cozy.. catching some zzzzs.

Decatur Georgia Newborn Photographers

We love our purple props! They look so beautiful with all of our newborns.

Atlanta Georgia Family Photographers

One of our favorite images to capture with newborns! I love seeing the feet kick out of the blanket.

Decatur Family Photographers

What a sweet face! Love those detail shots.

Atlanta Kids Photography

Another blanket and prop that we love using our sessions! If you have a session coming up and want to use certain props, just let us know! We will have it ready for your session.

Atlanta Kids Photographers

Those pouty lips are so sweet!

Decatur Kids Photographers

Sleepy babies are the best ones to photograph! Click the link at the bottom of the page to hear tips on how to get your baby to sleep.

Decatur Kids Photography

Our parents love this lace outfit just as much as we do! It matches so well with this pretty headband.

Alabama Newborn Session

Last but not least!! Our awesome Alabama fan dad inspired image. We loved bringing this idea to life for Grace’s dad.

If you’re interested in a newborn photography session with us, click this link! Our Newborn Magazine explains our team,  what to expect before, during, and after the session, and what props and products we offer in the studio. Thank you for visiting our blog. Come back tomorrow to see what else we have going on in the studio!


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