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Adorable Newborn Family Photo Session

Family Portraits - Atlanta Photographer, Newborn Photography - Atlanta

January 7, 2019

Adorable Newborn Family Photo Session

I can’t wait to share with you this adorable newborn family photo session we had in the studio! We love being able to capture that first family photo for our clients. Whether it’s in an album to put on your coffee table or printed on a canvas to hang in your living room, we love creating images that you and your loved ones can cherish!


Atlanta Newborn Photography

Some of my favorite photos are when we use this prop! It is so beautiful for sweet baby girls.

Atlanta Newborn Photography

All the pink flowers are so beautiful for our baby girls! We also have the option of taking off the flowers for our baby boys!

Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographers

Bringing props for you newborn photos is not necessary if you are too busy to find something! We have tons of props for your newborn to wear or lay on. We love showcasing our props for our clients.

Decatur Newborn Photography

The reflection shot is one that we all adore! Such a creative and adorable image.

Decatur Family Photography

I love when we use hats that look almost too big for our sweet tiny babies!

Decatur Newborn Photographers

I adore the close up photos with all the details!

Atlanta Family Photographers

Nose to nose! So sweet. I love sending our clients home with an image like this that they can cherish forever.

Atlanta First Family Photo

First family photo – something we love to do! Preparing for your newborns first photo can be hard. Click the link at the bottom of this post to see how you can prepare!

Decatur First Family Photo

Such a sweet family! We are so blessed with amazing clients like these.


Click here to see how you can prepare for your newborns first portraits!

Thank you for visiting our blog page. We love engaging with our viewers. Come back tomorrow for another post about what’s happening in our studio!

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