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Why Choose the Same Studio for Maternity and Newborn Photography

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June 27, 2018

Maternity and newborn photography is the ideal way to celebrate the journey of a newborn coming into your family. You can go to separate photographers for each of these photo sessions, but you should consider going to the same photographer. Here is a look at some of the reasons you should book these sessions with the same studio.

You Get Comfortable With Your Photographer

When you use the same photographer for maternity and newborn photography, you get to know that professional during your maternity shoot. You get a sense of their style and their process, but you also get to know them. That means that when you come in for your newborn photographs, you are likely to feel confident and comfortable that the photographer can meet your needs. You also don’t have to worry about trusting your baby to a stranger.


Your Photos Have Visual Continuity

Most photographers have a certain style, and that shines through in their work. When you turn to the same photographer for both your maternity and newborn photography, your photos tend to boast a certain amount of visual continuity. If you want to display the photos together on the same wall or in a similar spot in your home, you will really appreciate their resonance. If they are too different, you may have unwanted dissonance.

You can even work with the photographer to integrate special elements that work together. For instance, some moms shoot photographs of them holding their baby bump. Then, when they come in with their newborns, they take a very similar pose so that the baby is almost in the exact same spot. That can be a beautiful and artistic way to showcase the journey your child took from inside your body and under your heart to outside in the world and into your arms.


You Can Share Settings

Of course, you can strike the same pose for multiple photographers, but if you want photos that resonate with each other, you may want to use the same settings for your maternity and newborn photography. When you use the same photographer for both sessions, you can rest assured that you will have access to the backdrops you need.


There’s More Time to Prepare for Your Newborn Photos

While you’re getting your maternity photographs taken, you want to be in the moment, focusing on the beauty of your body during this special time. But, you may also be thinking of your new baby and looking forward to the day you finally get to meet them.

As a result, you may even want to start planning your newborn’s first photography session as you’re getting your photos taken. During your maternity session, you can ask your photographer about ideas or you can ask to look through their portfolio. If you go to different photographers, that isn’t possible.


At James Hill Photography, we specialize in maternity, newborn, family, and senior photos. Let us capture the memories of your growing family from the very beginning. To set up a session, contact us today.


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